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Mobile Boot Fitting

Mobile Boot Fitting

In what is a first in the UK, Hike And Ride brings a whole new level of customer service in the ski industry, bringing the shop to your doorstep. It’s simple, old fashioned, one to one customer service, picking a time and place that suits you, our customers. We cut out the travel time for you, being a totally mobile business - not only do we fit your boots, but we make the fitting itself, fit for you, all backed by our Comfort Fit Guarantee.

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ski retailer of the year

We are a very trusted ski retailer as shown when we were awarded the Ski retailer of the year. Shop with us in complete confidence.

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Best Brands

We may be small, but we work with some of the biggest and best brands in the Skiing industry.

Large Range of Stock

Looking for something specific? We have full access to brand catalogues, so if there’s a specific ski, binding, boot, ski bag, set of poles, goggles, helmets or anything else that you’re looking for and the brands are stocking it, give us a few days and we’ll get our hands on it, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Boot Fit Guarantee

Feet are complicated things, there’s 26 bones in the foot alone (let's not start on muscles, joints, tendons and nerves!!!) so shopping with peace of mind is easy with our comfort fit guarantee.*

1-1 Service

Let's face it, nothing beats being treated like you matter, even by a stranger. We pride ourselves on one to one service. You’re not going to fight with 4 others for our attention, we’re with just you until the fit is just right!

We Come to You

Pressed for time? Train strikes? Unable to travel? Need to keep an eye on the kids at the same time? No problem, let us know where and when suits you and we’ll be there!

We’re Skiers Too

We love being on the mountain as much as you do. We take the time to test a lot of the gear, so you know you’re getting the right advice and peace of mind.

Meet the Brands

If they stock it, we've got it, all you have to do is let us know - skis, boots, luggage, accessories!

20 years experience boot fitting
20 years experience

Established Over The Summer of 2018

Hike and Ride was established over the Summer of 2018, when two mates with over 20 years experience in the industry collectively, decided there was a real gap in the market for good old fashioned customer service in the ever evolving chase for the perfect set up out on the mountain.

Based in London, with the freedom of a ski shop and boot-fitting lab on wheels, we aim to help everyone. Adventures have taken us through the home counties, up to Birmingham, Warwick & Cambridge, across to Bath and Bristol and down the south coast. We’ll go where the service is needed.

Meet the team

Meet the Team

A native Australian, Jen grew up with a love for the outdoors and sports in her veins. The Aussie way, however, was not the mountains but pristine beaches and the watersports that followed, predominantly surfing and boarding. Ironically she never saw or set foot on the snow until her early 20’s. Moving to the UK at the end of 2009 and a subsequent ski season in Chamonix, France, was the start of a love affair with snow. Since that point, 6 seasons boot fitting in the ski industry in the UK and a 2nd season boot fitting in the French Alps, this time, Courchevel, in the heart of the world’s largest ski resort, The Three Valleys.

Having finished her studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Physical Education, Jen has a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as human movement and functions. However, it was her own injuries following 15 years of competitive sport that have helped shape her boot fitting skills. The perfect fit is paramount after 5 surgeries and a foot reconstruction, otherwise there’d be no skiing!!!

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The Importance of a good fit…

A few things to consider

Here are a few things we take into account when fitting
No two feet are exactly the same

Ski boots are complicated. There are no two boots that fit exactly the same way. And even if there were two sets of feet exactly the same; the skier’s height, weight and ability could potentially change the boot on offer. Although that’s highly unlikely, as most people don’t even have two feet the same shape and size!!


The common misconception with ski boots is that any discomfort with a boot is it must be too small. More often than not, a boot too large will do far more harm than good. More space in the boot allows your foot to move and that repetitive movement causes everything from bruised shins to black toes. Boots are measured in ‘mondopoint’. With a measurement assessed both sitting and standing.

Shell Checking

Finding the right length boot is only the beginning of things. A good fit will mean the shape of the plastic part of the boot, known as the shell, profiles your foot well. Too little room and pressure points will develop, too much room and the foot will move making controlling your skis more difficult and possibly cause discomfort.

Boot ‘Last’

This refers to the width across the forefoot of the boot. A race boot with performance fit may be as narrow as 92mm. The average boot widths for the general public range from 98mm to 104mm. A 98mm fit is considered to be a narrow fit and 104mm a wide fit. Most people fall somewhere in between. Most boots now use technology that allows the width of a boot to be changed to varying degrees.


Boot manufacturers use a number system or ‘flex’ rating when referring to how easy or difficult it is to flex the boot forward. The number is often written on the outside of the boot and commonly varies from 70-140 (with the odd extreme). It should be noted that one brand’s 100 flex, is not necessarily an industry standard and should be used only as a guide. Different types of materials, amongst other things, will also change the way the boot flexes. While the higher the number the stiffer the boot, you also need to take into account a skiers height, weight and ability in determining a good flex. Someone taller has typically longer leavers so finds a boot easier to flex than a skier of the same ability but shorter stature. Several boots have the ability now to change flex levels slightly. Weather conditions will also affect a boot's flex. For example, Spring skiing is very different to the colder temperatures seen mid-season.

Volume (and instep height)

Volume refers to the amount of space within the boot. A wider lasted boot typically means the boot everywhere else also has more room, and a narrow boot has less room, however, this isn’t always the case. A key measure of volume is the instep height, this is the height of your foot over your arch. The skin over the top of your instep has a large amount of blood vessels. Getting the spacing wrong here may cause pins and needles, cold toes, numb toes or movement in your boot. Volume is also checked around the cuff and heel of the boot, this is how much space is there for the ankle, achilles and calf.